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Anju Chhetri (Nepal)

Journalist and publisher Anju Chhetri has played a pivotal role in making the Nepali media useful, responsible, and accountable in its approach to women’s issues. Anju Chhetri (born 1961) has been an energetic campaigner for women’s human rights through the Asmita Women’s Publishing House (AWPH), which she helped found. Through AWPH, the foremost feminist organization […]


Indira Shreshtha (Nepal)

 “I believe that all development begins with the individual and has, in its widest sense, a spiritual dimension.” Indira Shreshtha has spent 25 years working on all aspects of gender, sustainable development, and peace issues in Nepal. Founder and head of Strii Shakti (women’s power), which works in Nepal’s conflict-affected districts, and participant in a […]

Sahana Pradhan (Nepal)

Communist party politician Sahana Pradhan, an active octogenarian, is a symbol of the struggle for women’s education and political rights in Nepal. Sahana Pradhan (born 1927) is one of Nepal’s veteran politicians and social activists. She is a politburo member of the Nepal Communist Party (United Marxist-Leninist), and president of the Women’s Security Pressure Group, […]



Jhamak Ghimire (Nepal)

 Jhamak Ghimire cannot speak, move, sit easily or use her hands, and has no academic qualifications, but she has enriched Nepal’s literary world with hundreds of poems, songs, stories and essays. Jhamak Ghimire (born 1980), a differently abled young woman who does not have a single academic qualification, has enriched Nepal’s literary world by writing […]

Binda Pandey (Nepal)

 Labor activist and educator Binda Pandey has brought many women into Nepal’s active trade union movement, and is sticking her neck out for the restoration of democracy in Nepal. Binda Pandey (born 1966) has been involved in Nepal’s trade union movement for the past 15 years as an activist and educator. She is a leader […]



Chhing Lamu Sherpa (Nepal)

 “I believe that it is important to contribute to the root of a tree for good fruits.” For the past two decades, Chhing Lamu Sherpa (born 1960) has played a pivotal role in empowering women and extremely marginalized groups in eastern Nepal. As an educated professional woman working to improve the lives of poor and […]

Jagan Suba Gurung (Nepal)

As a single woman promoting higher education and working to improve women’s lives, Jagan Suba Gurung has become a challenging icon for change in a traditionally conservative social setting. As a single woman seeking higher education and working for the improvement of women’s lives, Jagan Suba Gurung stands out in her Gurung community village. Her […]


Stella Tamang (Nepal)

 Stella Tamang, a Buddhist in a Hindu nation, is a determined advocate for the rights of women, religious minorities, and indigenous groups. Nonviolence is central to her mission. Stella Tamang (born 1948) is a member of the minority indigenous Lama community and, to boot, a Buddhist woman in the world’s only Hindu kingdom. Her situation […]

Rita Thapa (Nepal)

 Through Nagarik Awaz, Rita Thapa provides support to thousands of people whose lives have been turned upside down by the fallout of the Maoist insurgency in Nepal. For the past 24 years, Rita Thapa (born 1952) has devoted her personal and professional life to founding and supporting institutions working for women’s empowerment and for the […]