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Gladira Auxiliadora Talavera García (Nicaragua)

 “I could not understand how I, a woman who was illiterate and poor, could contribute to change our lives. I did not understand that the strength of 1000 women was necessary to achieve what we wanted. She took care of her eight siblings and was not able to go to school. She was mistreated by […]



Violeta Vanesa Delgado Sarmiento (Nicaragua)

 There is no path laid ahead, the path is laid down while you walk–this is my motto. It is from a verse written by Antonio Machado.” Violeta Delgado Sarmiento works in Nicaragua for women’s rights. She campaigns to strengthen the political role of women in Nicaragua and to make their presence in the political scene […]


Hazel María Law Blanco (Nicaragua)

 Wan taura wap!–Let us go forward!” Hazel María Law Blanco was born in the municipality of Waspán, in the Autonomous Region of The Northern Atlantic, Nicaragua. Since she was 16 years old, she has fought against racial discrimination. She is a defender of human rights for the indigenous communities and a promoter of equality between […]

Eulalia González Orozco (Nicaragua)

 “At last it was possible to live and to achieve, for the whole community, the right to live as well. We had to teach ourselves how to live differently!” She is Nicaraguan and not yet 40 years old. Mother of eight children, she was beaten by her partner. At that time, she lived in a […]


Esperanza Cruz Rodríguez (Nicaragua)

“A new world is not built in one day. We need an effort from all of us, every day of our lives.” Esperanza Cruz (77) was born in Jinotepe, the main city of Carazo, an administrative district of Nicaragua. She has a huge social conscience and has been committed to supporting the more needy populations […]