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Asma Jahangir (Pakistan)

  ——————————– Update: Asma Jahangir In May 2005, Jahangir helped to organise a symbolic mixed-gender marathon in Lahore to raise awareness about violence against sports women by religious extremists. Islamist groups armed with firearms, batons and Molotov cocktails violently opposed the event and Jahangir was publicly beaten, stripped and detained by the police. More recently, […]



Hilda Saeed (Pakistan)

 Hilda Saeed, a Christian married to a Muslim in a fiercely Muslim-majority nation, has always fought discrimination: in her own life, and in the lives of others, particularly those of women. Hilda Saeed (born 1936) battled discrimination in her own life: as a Christian married to a Muslim in Muslim-majority Pakistan she faced all-round hostility. […]

Zakia Arshad (Pakistan)

 Zakia’s Arshad’s work with the innovative smokeless chullahs has helped scores of low-income families in Pakistan lead healthier lives. Zakia Arshad (born 1953) has worked for more than 25 years with Pakistan’s marginalized, especially poor women and children. Of special significance has been her work as a master-trainer and evaluator of smokeless chullah (environmentally friendly […]



Rubina Feroze Bhatti (Pakistan)

 Fighting violence against women-such as “honor killings”-through the media is key to Rubina Feroze Bhatti’s schema, as is building interfaith and inter-sect harmony. Rubina Feroze Bhatti (born 1969), who works in two largely rural districts of Pakistan’s Punjab province, has been a driving force against domestic violence in her area. Thanks to the work of […]

Nusrat Ara (Pakistan)

 In a militantly conservative society, Nusrat Ara has helped women in the North Western Frontier Province empower themselves without having to discard their traditional moorings. Nusrat Ara (born 1954), who hails from the North Western Frontier Province, took charge of her life, first by educating herself after marriage and then by launching an organization for […]



Akeela Naz (Pakistan)

 Daughter of landless peasants, Akeela Naz is at the forefront of a million-strong movement in rural Punjab to secure the rights of tenant farmers. The daughter of farmers, Akeela Naz (born 1976) was the first woman to join Anjuman Muzareen-Punjab, a movement of landless tenants in Punjab, Pakistan’s largest province, and she has been at […]

Nasreen Awan (Pakistan)

 Grassroots worker Nasreen Awan works overtime to give other women the opportunities she has earned for herself through extraordinary grit and perseverance. Nasreen Awan (born 1961) got herself an education in her home district of Sangarh, a poverty-stricken part of Pakistan’s Sindh province, against the most daunting odds. Then, she determinedly carved out a career […]



Nigar Ahmad (Pakistan)

 Under Nigar’s leadership, the Aurat Foundation has taken up provocative issues, from mobilizing women candidates for local government elections to generating debate on intellectual property rights. Nigar Ahmad (born 1945) has worked tirelessly for nearly 20 years for the political, social, and economic empowerment of Pakistani women, as executive director of the Aurat Publication and […]

Nafisa Shah (Pakistan)

  A lone woman administrator in an almost exclusively male domain, Nafisa Shah has set new standards for integrity and probity in her efforts to restore people’s faith in the system. Only two of Pakistan’s 101 district mayors are women, and Nafisa Shah (born 1968) is one of them. A distinguished woman administrator in an […]



Khawar Mumtaz (Pakistan)

 Forced to choose between her job as a university lecturer and her activism, Khawar Mumtaz decided the job had to go. The work of activist and writer Khawar Mumtaz (born 1945) over more than two decades has helped to place women’s rights on the agenda of government, political parties, and religious parties in Pakistan. The […]