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Pilar Coll Torrente (Peru)

“I cannot imagine peace without the respect for all human rights.” Pilar Coll Torrente is inspired by her own life: by the impact of the Spanish Civil War and by her residence in Peru. She traveled from Spain to work as a volunteer in Peru and has remained in the country for 38 years, half […]

María Luisa Álvarez Llave (Peru)

“Peace is like air in the countryside, like the flowers that flourish without sadness, like children that smile in their innocence.” María Luisa Álvarez Llave is a Peruvian woman who knows that what she experienced should not be experienced by any other young woman. She was raped when she was nine years old. She worked […]

Virginia “Gina” Vargas Valente (Peru)

“The fight for peace goes hand in hand with the fight for overcoming inequality, oppression and exclusion in public and private life and in the innermost being.” She wanted to do things that no one had done before. She is an activist who thinks with pragmatism. She believes that life gave her an opportunity. Her […]

Carmen Rosa Campos Mendoza (Peru)

“Peace comes about when human rights and justice are respected.” Carmen Rosa Campos Mendoza (33) uses dialogue and consensus to improve the lives of those around her. She works with the Federation of Shanty Towns, the Women’s Association for the Promotion of Sustainable Development and for the Committee against Poverty in Chulucanas, Peru. Carmen has […]

Felicitas Estela Linares Meneses (Peru)

To reach peace is to eliminate all the violence that originates from social inequality and from cultural differences and different ways of thinking.” Felicitas Estela Linares Meneses is from Lima. She created the Communication and Environment Institute (ICMA), from which a huge innovative project for cross-cultural meetings and for the development of production units for […]

María Cleofé Sumire de Conde (Peru)

“For us, women, peace is justice. It is respect for our original culture.” María Cleofé Sumire López (54) was born in Cuzco, Peru. She followed the path of her father, who was arrested several times because of his fight for land on behalf of the peasants. She lived through the aggression of the Sendero Luminoso […]