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GHADA AL-JABI(Syrian Arab Republic)

“I am deeply confident that our committed collaborative efforts will lead us to a better future.” Ghada Al-Jabi, born in Syria in 1938, was the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. She began her social work at the age of 16. Her strong belief in voluntary work prompted her to continue work for 40 years […]




“So far Arabs, not just Syrians, have not been successful in building up social institutions like those established in Western countries.” Bouthaina Shaaban is a professor of English Literature at Damascus University (DU), a writer and the Syrian Minister of Expatriate Affaires. Before assuming her current ministerial job, she was Director of the Foreign Media […]

NAJWA HASSAN (Syrian Arab Republic)

At the age of 11 I recognized the central goal in my life: I wanted to change the perception of Syrians about women’s role in society. It thrills me to see that change in less than half a century.” Najwa Kassab Hassan (born 1943) is former Syrian Minister of Culture and Professor of Sociology at […]