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Rosalba Ato Oywa (Uganda)

“To me there is no other service one could render to another than to help restore the dignity and confidence of the most powerless person.” Rosalba Oywa, a 52-year-old widow from Gulu District in Northern Uganda, is the founding member and volunteer coordinator of People’s Voice for Peace (PVP), a local NGO that assists victims […]

Rosalba Ato Oywa (Uganda)

Jolly Grace Okot (Uganda)

“I know what it is like to walk through the bushes with grenades strapped to your waist.” Jolly Grace Okot (36) was born in Pader District in Uganda. She is the country director of Alliance for African Assistance (AAA). Since 2003, she has been involved in sport for peace and community development for children. By […]

Sara (Uganda)

“People are very greedy: they could manage if they learnt to share.” Sara is a 18-year-old exile in the UK and works to transform her cruel experience of losing her parents and being raped into a positive example for her child. Soon after she arrived in 2003, she was alone and ashamed of her pregnancy. […]