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Beatriz Bissio(Brazil)

  Professor at the Universidad Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ- Department of Political Science.). PhD in History (islamic classical civilization and political structure) Sociologist, Jornalist and Historian. In the past decades I worked as a correspondent for several latin-american and african newspapers, magazines and radios and was the editor of the latin-american monthly magazine […]

Ana Christina Couto Amorim(Brazil)

  Ana Christina Couto Amorim | South South Forum 2011-to date PhD Research – Maori Visual Arts –Massey University–New Zealand I am an artist working with an expanded notion of Art and life. Throughout my 23-year career I have identified real issues regarding the appropriation and manipulation of art by capitalist interests such as large […]


Brazil’s Warrior Women : Maria Do Socorro Teheira Lima, Emile De Costa, Maria De Nazare Sousa, Rosa Barbosa De Sousa, Ide Pereisa De Sousa, Helena Dos Santos Salagat, Daniele Coucucuz Nasiemento, Tonilda De Araujo Da Cunha, Maria Helena De Jesus Moura and Maria De Jesus Ferreira Bringelo (Brazil)

  Brazil’s Warrior Women from Handcrafted Films on Vimeo. Photo By Joel Redman Originally published on If Not Us Then Who? The humble babassu palm provides a livelihood for communities of women across North Eastern Brazil. Bread, charcoal, oil and soap are produced from the nut and husk; the surplus is sold on. But production has […]


CLARA CHARF idealized and founded, in 2003, a non-governmental organization named Brazilian PeaceWomen Association, with the goal to promote a culture of peace, citizenship, human rights, by valuing the assumption of gender equality. The NGO, which she is the president, promotes activities such as workshops, seminars, exhibitions, materials and researches, having two main focuses: a […]


Vera Vieira-2015


Ve ra Vieira is the executive director of Brazilian Peace Women Association, a non governmental organization located in the city of São Paulo, focusing on the interconnection between violence against women and the amplified concept of peace (UN 1325 Resolution – based on justice and human security), aiming to interfere in the field of women’s […]