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Inés Monica Weinberg (Argentina)

  Married to Dr. Eduardo Roca, mother of a lawyer’s son with a master’s degree in Criminology, Judge Weinberg’s experience has materialized in numerous interventions as an expositor in seminars and international meetings on gender perspective, reparations to victims of sexual violence, procedures Against war crimes, as well as about twenty books and several newspaper […]



  Dr. María del Carmen Battaini is the Vice President of the Superior Tribunal of Justice of Tierra del Fuego (Argentina). Dr. Battaini was born in Buenos Aires. His father, Bruno Francisco Battaini was judge and when María del Carmen finished secondary school his father asked her about the career she wanted to follow, highlighting […]

Elizabeth Tuma (Argentina)

Mrs. Elizabeth Tuma is journalist. She and her husband, Dr. Carlos Besanson, are the Directors of Diario del Viajero (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Mrs. Tuma is very committed to the defense and promotion of women’s rights. Through Diario del Viajero she has supported and spread those news which enable women to achieve their fundamental rights. Diario […]

Foto Elizabeth Tuma

Picture Alicia Reynoso and Stella Maris Morales

Alicia Mabel Reynoso & Stella Maris Morales (Argentina)

From left to right: Alicia and Stella Alicia Mabel Reynoso Alicia Mabel Reynoso was born in Province of Santa Fe (Argentina) and Stella Maris Morales was born in Province of Cordoba (Argentina). Alicia studied nursing in Santa Fe. At this moment, to study this career meant a challenge. It was more than a profession, it […]