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Shirin Banu (Bangladesh)

  ————————————–   After 10 years: During the last ten years, Shirin Banu continued relentlessly to work with women from the local communities, helping to organize people at local level. She is involved in many NGOs.   But, despite holding a leading position at PRIP Trust and being one of the former freedom fighters, Shirin […]



Rokeya Kabir (Bangladesh)

————————————– After 10 years (2015): Despite the very difficult years between 2002 and 2009, when BNPS as an organisation and Rokeya Kabir personally had to go through a lot of constraints due to governmentt reprisal, Rokeya and a few others did not give up. Although they had to let go most of their staff, as […]

Asha Lata Baidya (Bangladesh)

  ——————————————————————- Update of biography 2015:   44 years of activism and no end in sight   Ten years later, in the year 2015, Ashalata Baidya, a small, delicate woman from the outside, has not lost any of her fervour in the struggle for the right cause. She is a very strong minded and energetic […]

Angela Gomes (Bangladesh)

“They were my university. Every woman. Every life. I have learned everything I know from them.” Angela Gomes (born 1952) is founder-director of Banchte Shekha (learning to survive), one of the most respected women’s organizations in Bangladesh. Set up on a modest scale in 1981, the organization now accommodates 200 live-in trainees and also serves […]


Beggzadi Mahmuda Nasir (Bangladesh)

“We wanted to establish a college where girls from all religions would get quality education in a sound atmosphere.” When Beggzadi Mahmuda Nasir began her work on women’s education in 1950, women in Bangladeshi society had nil space in public life. Coming from a liberal and educated family, Beggzadi had an advantage. Since she believes […]

Masuda Banu Ratna (Bangladesh)

“My son is my university. I have learnt a lot from my son. I had to innovate many things for my child. I want to replicate those things, mainly some treatment devices, among the village people.” Masuda Banu Ratna has been able to channel her personal anguish toward building a better society where disabled persons […]

Monowara Begum Monu (Bangladesh)

“If there is to be a positive change in society, someone has to sacrifice.” Monowara Begum (born 1953), one of the 1971 Bangladesh war of liberation’s best-known freedom-fighters, today battles on various beachheads and is active in advocacy work as well. The mutilated postwar economy saw Monowara get down to building the Bangladesh of a […]


Hena Das (Bangladesh)

“I have been fighting all my life. This society is not the society I dreamt of. We have won some battles. But there is much we have yet to achieve.” When Hena Das (born 1924) was barely 13, she joined the struggle for independence against then-undivided India’s British rulers. That was the beginning of a […]