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Viviana Elisa Díaz Caro (Chile)

We would give our own lives in order to know what happened to our missing relatives and to make the executioners assume their responsibility.” Since 1976, when her father was kidnapped by the Chilean Armed Forces, Viviana Díaz has never stopped looking for him. Along with the Association of Relatives of Disappeared Political Prisoners, she […]


Patricia Verdugo Aguirre (Chile)

“We should preserve in adults the confident and joyful attitude of small children.” Patricia Verdugo is a Chilean journalist and writer. She has oriented her work towards human rights, covering the period before, during and after the military government (1973-1990), and to the promotion of democracy. Since 1979, she has written more than ten books […]

Gladys Marín Millié (Chile)

To fight is not to suffer, to fight is to create.” Gladys Marín’s ‘footprint’ remains. It is in the people of her country and in the world that admired her leadership, just as they admired the fighting spirit that sustained her, in the struggle against the tyranny that devastated Chile from 1973 to 1990. It […]



Fanny Sonia Pollarolo Villa (Chile)

“I am convinced that the end of discrimination will not only benefit the victims, but it will also improve the quality of life and the culture in our country.” Fanny Pollarolo’s role in Chile’s political, cultural and social arena is momentous and irreplaceable. As a Member of Parliament, she has had a fundamental role in […]