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New Territories Female Indigenous Residents’ Committee (China, Hong Kong SAR)

“The women are brave to form the Ntfirc and to exercise their political rights in the face of violent reaction from conservative patriarchal powers.” Formed in October 1993, the New Territories Female Indigenous Residents’ Committee (Ntfirc) was active in the 1994 campaign to abolish the discriminatory ordinance on women’s rights to inherit property in the […]



Shuk Man “Selina” Sun (China, Hong Kong SAR)

“People are biased against those of different sexual orientation. Isolation does more damage. Let’s learn to put away prejudice, be more flexible, and see people with Christ’s heart.” A Hong Kong native, Shuk Man “Selina” Sun (43) was ordained pastor by the Hong Kong Blessed Minority Christian Fellowship (Hkbmcf), a Christian group for sexual minorities. […]

Elizabeth Ann Gray (China, Hong Kong SAR)

These women live at the margin of society. In trying to accompany them, I too have experienced being pushed onto the margins and felt a strong sense of the need for solidarity among women.” Elizabeth Ann Gray (53) is a Columban Sister from Scotland. She is one of the founding members of Action for Reach […]



Women Workers’ Cooperative (China, Hong Kong SAR)

“We can control our own fate through united force and be creative.” The Women Workers’ Cooperative (WWC) was established in the 1990s when Hong Kong industries were moved north to mainland China. The WWC opens up a new space that is based on mutual support and cooperation: women workers have the opportunity to rediscover and […]

Lo Sai “Rose” Wu (China, Hong Kong SAR)

“If we treasure human dignity and value life, we must take action now and make a choice to transform and resist the present forces that deny life and destroy community.” Rose Wu Lo Sai (54) works in the field of community development. She has brought civil and community concerns to the Church since the 80s. […]


Wai King Wong (China, Hong Kong SAR)

“To preserve culture, the human being is the prime factor. If people in a community do not see the importance of safeguarding it, development is an empty word.” A Hong Kong native, Wong Wai King is a housewife living in Tai O, a small fishing village on western Lantau Island, the largest outlying island of […]



Ngun Fung Liu (China, Hong Kong SAR)

“I am now 17 years old, because I started my new life 17 years ago when I left my ex-husband. My painful experiences turned into a driving force for me.” Liu Ngun Fung, born in 1949, is chairlady of the Hong Kong Association for the Survivors of Women Abuse (Kwan Fook), which advocates self/mutual-assistance. Having […]