Tu Yo Yo (China)

Tu Yo Yo was born in China-Zhejiang , and she is a traditional Chinese medicine scientist.


When Tu Yo Yo was 21 years old, she studied at Beijing Medical University. After graduated,Yo Yo enrolled in the traditional Chinese medical training, and worked at the traditional Chinese medical insitution . Soon afterwards, Yo Yo became the master tutor and the doctor tutor.


When Yo Yo was 39 years old, she hold the post of Beijing traditional Chinese medical insitution’s leader, and she need to collect and seetle the traditional Chinese medicine’s fomula and literatrue. Yo Yo and her team want to find the substance that can confront to the malaria. They tried many different ways, and chose some prescription about confronting malaria, and focusing on some posible prescription to study. Finally, they found the antimalarial medicine from the Artemisinine.


At the first period, it is not that easy to develop the antimalarial. However, Yo Yo did not give up, and she and her team found a different develop way to extract and purify the Artemisinine finally.


Yo Yo keep researching and studying in traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine’s combination. And the new-antimalarial was the big contribution to the medical field. The antimalaria medicine is so good that can help lots of the malaria-patients. Also, the antimalarial was ranked by the World Health Organizatio of being the basic-medicine in the world, and it is recommend for all the countries to use. This study was so successful that can help so many people. Thus, Yo Yo got the Lasker Medical Research Awards and the Nobel Prize in medicine.


Although Yo Yo faced lots of different difficulties during the studying, she did not give up. More important, she keep trying to find different ways to develop the antimalarial. Tu Yo Yo is such a great scientist.


Written by: Chan Tsz Ki/Chow Wai Yin/Leung Wing Yu


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