Kwong Siu Chi (China, Hong Kong SAR)


“Self-centered”, “fail to take care of themselves” etc. are common labels of the post-90s. Kwong Siu Chi, Emily, a post-90s student from Lingnan Univeristy, was an exception. She has been actively taking parts in various volunteer works to spread peace since she was in secondary school. “Volunteers works aren’t for fulfilling personally desires, e.g. certificates or awards,” she said, “but serving with unconditional love.”


One of her most unforgettable experiences was the half-year internship at Inter Cultural Education that she joined last year. During the internship, she was given a chance to take part in coordinating a 3-days workshop for Secondary School students. Through different kinds of activities, for instances, discussions, simulation and meeting with refugees, she had introduced the refugee issues to the students. “Asylum seekers and refugees are being marginalized. Society shows ignorance to their presences,” she explained. She was very glad to have a chance to know more about their lives (i.e. refugees) meanwhile acknowledging of her helplessness on the issue. She wished the workshop can build a mutual understanding among the refugees and the students.


Emily is now having overseas exchange programme in Denmark. The refugee issue is getting more intense in European countries in recent years. Many people from Middle Eastern countries escaped from their homeland and came to Europe to seek asylum. Thus, she joined the organization at the local church with other foreign students. By organizing different activities, they try to integrate them in the Danish society.


“Utopia will become true, only if, everyone is willing to give up some of their personal desires,” she sighed and continued, “most of the time I felt the helplessness on the issue, as we can just help alleviating their urgent needs but do nothing good on tackling the underlying problem. There is hardly any help from the Hong Kong government for the refugees.” She stated the complexity of the problem and pointed out the relativity with social welfare system. It is almost impossible to strive for better welfare for the refugees when the government cannot even satisfy the basic needs of the local citizens. Nevertheless, she was shocked with the Danish situation also. Denmark is a well-developed country, while the help to refugee are also inadequate. They moved the asylum seekers and refugees to live in a barren village so that they could not get in touch with the locals which created the integration problem.


By taking a look at two different situations, she acknowledges that the issue is of complication. If everyone is willing to serve regardless of their gain or loss, she believes that the world will be a better place.


Written by Lau Wai Ting


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