Ng Yuen Yan (China, Hong Kong SAR)


wu yuanyin

Ng Yuen-yan, a senior ambulance officer, has been an ambulancewoman for more than ten years. Under the influence of her father, who was a fireman, she found saving people was very meaningful, hence applied for this job.


Ambulancemen always have to have to face a lot of accidents and wounded people. It was inevitable that Yan felt upset about those cases at times. But she must calm down immediately in order to do her duties. In 2007, when she saw the corpse of a man falling from a tower crane, she wanted to turn her head away. Telling herself that she was on duty, she could continue saving other wounded people.


Another case was the collapse of a building on Ma Tau Wai Road in 2010. She was the commander in that accident. The moment she heard about it, she was very shocked, but she had to do her duties at once, such as estimating the demand of resources, planning for the triage of the wounded and being the bridge between different departments, so as to speed up the rescue work.


There was a case that a little girl called the police as her mother committed suicide. When Yan arrived, the girl could not stop crying, while her mother was lying beside her. This saddened her a lot.


Despite these tragic scenes, Yan always tells herself that she is an ambulancewoman when she is wearing the uniform, in order to save lives as soon as possible.


Written by Suen Ching


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