Pang Pik Fa (China, Hong Kong SAR)


Pang Pik Fa (Fa) is a traditional security guard working in an estate located in Tsing Yi. She had already worked here for 11 years as a daytime position starting from 2003. She became a security guard due to the closing down of the electronic components’ factory that she worked in. Security guard is a relatively easier job for Fa as she is not very capable for large workload and continuous walking around job.


She need to work for 12 hour every day and 1 holiday with pay is given every week. She need to take care of the safety of the court by watching the CCTV all the time. She also need to walk upstairs and ensure there is no any abnormal things happened in the court.


Although the duty that she need to fulfill seems to be simple, she is willing to do extra work to take care of the residents. She normally will say morning to everyone and open the door for residents when they need assistance. She will even observe the residents’ situation. As she can know whether a resident have not been seen for a long time and ask their relatives for information about them. These extra works make the relationship between Fa and residents better and closer. And Fa thinks these are very important as she think the work of a security guard should not only about safety but also the spirit of looking after every neighbors.


She has 1 daughter and 1 son, both of them have already grown up and no longer need to take care on their daily live. Fa thinks that her relationship with her children is good because she usually teach them by using reasonable point of view and will not force her children to follow her rule.


Written by Lam Sze Wan


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