Liu Fu Chen (China, Hong Kong SAR)


liao fuzhen

The interviewee, Mrs Liu Fu Chen, is around 50 years old. She works as a security around two years. She needs to work 6 days per week and 12 hours every time. Her family members include a husband and two children. The boys are studying local university right now.


The reason she takes this occupation mainly because of her injury from her former career. Mrs Liu worked as a waitress in an Eastern and Western restaurant above ten years. Her hands got permanent injury. And as a security she does not need to use her hands as much as waitress. Therefore, she changes her job to be a security.


According to Mrs Liu, there is no difference between male and female as a security. They work the same duty and get the same salary. The only difference is their working performance. Female tends to be active and nice to the residents and male is passive. Hence, female security is easier to build up a close relationship with the residents.


Miss Liu always puts her family as her first priority. Security is a good job since she just works where she stays at. Thus, she saves a lot of traffic time. She can spend more free time on her family to do more domestic work. Although security is not the most high-paid job, she thinks it is the one can benefit her family the most, which she can take care of her children and husband.


Working as a security broadens her horizontal. She knows every resident there and they are from many different social groups and classes. Moreover, she loves this job since it can help many residents to have convenient lives. This is meaningful to her.


Still, there is a problem that she complains about her job. She needs to deal with the rude residents who treat them as servants. This makes her feel uncomfortable.


Written by Lam Sze Wan


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