Kwan Chau Lin (China, Hong Kong SAR)


guan qiu lian

Kwan Chau Lin (Lin) was once worked as a security guard in a school hostel for half a year. She is now working in Hong Kong Airport as an assistant in the food court. She think the works that she had done and doing now are both enjoyable. There are good colleagues to work with her now and good students to take care in the past.


The memory which she had when working as a security guard in university school was precious and memorable to her. She remembered that there were students who tried to skip the security check at night in order to get into the hostel. Although the regulation of school hostel ban the visit from different hostel after 11 at night to 7 in the morning, Lin tried to balance the need of students and school by considering the urgency. Also, she were willing to do extra works, for example picking up the lost and found and gave it back to the students.


The working environment in the university hostel was good with other colleagues working together at the same time for supporting. But the difficulty faced when she was required to work overnight without rest, caused trouble to take care of her family. So she quitted and found another job with a more desirable working hour.


Lin is a caring person. When she was working in the school hostel, she concerned not only on carrying out school regulation and rule, but also the feeling of students and their living habit. For students who always backed late at night, she would advised them to be more aware on their sleeping habit and do not stay up at night too frequently.


These caring and love given to students caused the close relationship between she and hostel students. Even Lin have already quitted the job for almost 1 year, there are still communication between them. It reflected the ability of keeping a close relationship as long as both are treasuring each other.


Written by Lam Sze Wan


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