Yang Yujiao (China)

Yang came from a relatively well-off rural family but was determined to be independent after high school. She married into an urban impoverished family and worked hard to earn a living with her husband. During pregnancy she took a relatively light job in a packaging factory making aluminum imprints. Yet, it had given her aluminum poisoning and her daughter was born with growth defect which emerged when she was around 8. She had stopped growing in height at that age. After her daughter’s birth Yang had gone into business and eventually became quite successful. When her daughter was 12 and her deformity was confirmed, Yang went around the country looking for treatments for her daughter. Yet with all her effort and expense there was hardly any result and the daughter stopped her mother from spending any more money to no purpose.

Yang decided that it would be more useful to help her daughter develop a career. At 16 her daughter went to study kindergarten education at an institution that was opened by a person also handicapped. She had the vision of running a kindergarten back home and Yang fully supported it. In 2004, they took over a kindergarten that was about to discontinue yet many parents transferred their children to other places after finding out that the new principal was ‘not normal’. Still, mother and daughter believed that by looking after the children with loving care eventually more children would come. Given her daughter’s specialization, the kindergarten had earned a favorable reputation in a few years’ time and had full capacity every year since then.

In the meantime, Yang also found her mission in life with the opportunity to invest into microbial feed technology, to produce animal feed that would be nutritious and pollution-free. Given her daughter’s case, she realized the importance of health and of healthy food for the people. Although she had difficulties in developing that business due to inadequate funding, she would persist.

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