Hu Rongjuan(China)

Hu came from a Beijing military family and had never lived in rural areas. Yet she had loved nature and agriculture from childhood and had taken up Plant Protection in university, a rare choice as compared to architecture, medicine and so on. She had experienced the difficult conditions in rural regions during the practice sessions organized by the university. The peasant women in particular had a really hard life with farming, domestic chores and work place employment. She also realized the peasants had little knowledge about plant protection due to lack of information.

After graduation she worked in a company as technical consultant and came across a product from Germany that had almost miraculous power in raising production, increasing immunity, slowing land depletion, reviving crops that had been affected by disease … She thought it was mere gimmicks yet product testing had borne out the claims.

However, the company had not succeeded in opening a market for the product and decided to give it up. Hu then made a daring decision to obtain the right for the product herself with a loan of 4 million. She wanted to introduce that miraculous product, which she named Green Protection, to the Chinese peasants and help them in their tasks. Most people did not trust it to start with and she had to give it away for free trials. Eventually it had proven itself. Her company had grown big yet she was still filled with anxiety because there were still so many of the 900 million Chinese peasants to whom she wanted to introduce Green Protection so they could make use of it to help their work.

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