Sun Fengyun(China)

Sun lives in Donggou Village of Hebei Province, a small mountainous village with just under 200 families. Since 2005, she has organized the women from the village to form a dance troupe. Her second son had just been killed in a traffic accident and she was in deep sorrow. To bring herself out of it, she resorted to the hobby she had in her young days, which was dancing.

Without formal teachers or proper dance studios, the women simply practiced at home taking lessons from DVDs. In addition to leading the organization, Sun has paid for costumes for the women. At first, only a few would join as the more common hobby in the village had been playing mahjong. Eventually more women came to join them as they felt dancing was healthier and more meaningful than mahjong.

In 2011, they were invited to perform on Mother’s Day in the county and very well received. Later on they were even invited to perform in cities. With the organization of the dance troupe, the village women had led a healthier life. The relationship among them, in particular between mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws, had also improved. It was an accomplishment for Sun to have improved the physical as well as spiritual well-being of the village women.

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