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Virgelina Chará (Colombia)

Peace cannot be reached with bullets because then so many lives are lost. You cannot buy it or sell it with blood. It is a process that must be built from within the family.” Virgelina Chará is an African Colombian, born half a century ago in the Valle del Cauca, in Colombia. She has been […]



Norha Patricia Buriticá Céspedes (Colombia)

“We are tired of being lodgers in our own country, of having our feelings disregarded.” In Colombia, human voices have been superimposed by the noise of bullets. The words, which are articulated, are only heard as a monologue uttered by the owners of the weapons. The trade union leader, Patricia Buriticá, is convinced that words […]

Nubia Castañeda Bustamante (Colombia)

Peace is not indifference towards war and towards the violence suffered by thousands of people. Instead, peace must be a political proposal.” Surviving in a country as violent as Colombia is an achievement. Indigenous and Afro-Colombian women from the Choco administrative district near the Pacific Ocean suffer violence and exclusion. For that reason, Nubia Castañeda […]



María Tila Uribe (Colombia)

“I felt, at a very young age, the desire to teach people who had not had any opportunities to study, to read and write. I did it with love and also against the denial of women’s role in history.” “My urge to rebel and to teach were born when I asked myself why Colombian history […]

María Eugenia Zabala viuda de Polo (Colombia)

“They only left us fire and death. We were not left with anything but our lives. Except for something very important: the wish to go on.” María Eugenia Zabala takes her strength and hope from the Colombian earth. She is a midwife who opens future horizons with each child she delivers. María Eugenia Zabala is […]