Lee Tsz Yan (China, Hong Kong SAR)


li zhiyin

Lee Tsz-yan is one of the three ambulancewomen in Hong Kong. Witnessing the rescue work in the accident of building collapse on Ma Tau Wai Road, she determined to become an ambulancewoman to save the people’s lives.


After training, Yan participates in rescue work at once. The duties of ambulancemen and ambulancewomen are the same. She thinks there is no need to differentiate between men’s and women’s duties, as all of them should put their biggest effort to save lives.


As an ambulancewomen, Yan thinks that she has the advantage of comforting the wounded, who usually will have a sense of security to female. She once comforted an emotional student, who had taken excessive medicine, by holding her hand on the way to the hospital.


Yan is not afraid of facing blood and flesh, so that she can think calmly of how to rescue the wounded. Now, her vision in her career is simply to try her best to save people.


Written by Suen Ching


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