Lam Lai Shan (China, Hong Kong SAR)

Lam Lai Shan


Editor—Chu Suet Ying/Chan Ka Man

Lam Lai Shan is a normal housewife, but she focuses on sustainable living. She hopes promoting this concept to the society. The root reason of starting the promotion of green lives is the personal thinking and feeling of Lam.


Lam’s mother taught Lam to be frugal. In the past, the economic environment was not so booming. The request of living standard was not so high. People did not use much money to buy luxury goods. The lives were simple and plain. Lam enjoys that kind of lives. So until now, the economic environment changes, Lam still wants to be simple. This is her persistence. That’s why she would like to have the sustainable living.


There are two main turning points, which encouraging Lam to start promoting sustainable living. First, Lam became the ‘Organic Ambassador’ of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden(KFBG). At first, Lam was the customer of the Garden. She bought the organic vegetables there. She found that there was some problem of the venue. The Garden might not continue to sell vegetables there. Then, Lam helped them to find a suitable venue and finally she succeeded. Because of this, The Garden invited Lam to be one of the ‘Organic Ambassadors’. Some organization started to invite Lam to be the guest to share her feelings and concepts.


Second, in 2010, Lam published ‘CareLender’. Actually, it is similar to a Chinese traditional calendar. The difference is that there are some hints of sustainable living in each page. This calendar has got a great success. The Conservancy Association continuously published it in the next few years.


The main concept of Lam is that the tiny power of a person can make some changes. A housewife can also make a big difference. If the housewives teach the right concept to their children, likes Lam. The society will be totally different.

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